Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian, Finlandish) people have blonde pubic hair??

Bizarre question I know, but i've wondered about this. I had a girlfriend in high school who was of primarily swedish ancestry and she had the typical blonde hair and fair skin...and a very very light brown bush. Since then I've wondered if that was common among people in Scandinavia or if she was just a fluke... (She had the blonde eyebrows too, so the carpet more or less matched the drapes lol).

Do Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian, Finlandish) people have blonde pubic hair??

Some do, some don't. Natural blonde hair is no guarantee of blond pubic hair. I should know =)

The hair color on your head and your body hair color are independent of each other, sometimes they match sometimes they don't. I constantly have to explain to people that yes, I am a natural blonde even though I have dark eyebrows.

Even if it is blonde, the pubic hair is often still darker than the actual color on the head. Remember, the sun lightens the hair on our head, but where the sun don't shine, it's likely to be darker. It's no fluke, it's common among people with natural blonde hair. I wouldn't say the majority have different colored pubic hair, I've never done a study, but certainly a substantial number of natural blonde people don't have matching pubic hair. Same goes for redheads too.

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